New Year’s Feast

Happy New Year!

A bit belated I know, but that seems to be the story of my life at the mo.

I hope you all had an enjoyable time seeing the old year out and the new one in; and that the new year has started well, preferably not with too bad a headache. You will notice that I was desperately trying to get my last post published whilst it was still (just) 2013. Luckily this was in the company of some of those who are nearest and dearest to me, with the sights and sounds of many celebratory fireworks outside and was preceded by a most delicious New Year’s feast.

I am also lucky in that I have quite a few foodies in my family; so I was pleased that instead of trudging around London in the cold and wet to fancy dress house parties, I had the opportunity to join forces with my sister-in-law to plan a full on New Year’s feast. Various options were batted around, but we settled on Scandinavia for our inspiration. We knew trying to get the meal together before the littl’uns energy waned and needed to go to bed would be impossible so we split the feast in two. The kids tea/the grown up’s starters (which were accompanied by leftover Christmas crackers and lots of glitter) were:

A Scandinavian inspired cheese board: Jarlsberg, Vintage Gouda, Blue Castello
with rye bread and celery seed crackers

Sugar baked ham
with caremelised red onion chutney and gherkins

Grapes, apples and pears

Cheese platter

The original plan for the main course was to make Gravlax, but we didn’t have enough time to pull that off so we settled on curing the salmon like Gravlax for as long as we had, before lightly pan frying it to achieve the most delicious, crispiest salmon skin I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Our feast comprised:

Lightly cured pan fried salmon

Buttery dill seasoned boiled potatoes

Pickled cucumbers

Swedish salad

Finnish mustard

followed (some time after to give our tummies a rest) by

Lemon posset
with lemon and cardamom biscuits and red currants

New Year's Feast

Lemon posset

Luckily (again; maybe this is a good omen for 2014, I hope so, fingers crossed), we had bought a whole salmon so there was more than enough to continue curing ready to enjoy proper Gravlax on new year’s day. We ended up having it as a starter before medium rare rib eye steak with rosemary and garlic roasted potatoes and a green bean salad. YUM!

We have been lucky enough to enjoy some fabulous food over the festive period, and I have lots of ideas and plans for what to be eating in 2014, that will hopefully make it a healthy and happy year (starting with my annual be good to myself January). I hope that 2014 brings you all health and happiness via food and otherwise too.



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