honey and haribo


As you have probably figured out by now I have a toddler named Harry, or Haribo as, thanks to Grandad Hodge, my whole family now calls him. Harry LOVES cooking, so he often helps me make dinner and we often bake all sorts of bread, cake and biscuits as a weekend activity.

We both love sharing our kitchen adventures with our friends, family and Harry’s nursery; only, because of the themed eat-togethers roots of eight potatoes, I have never felt that just posting about a cake we made at the weekend fits in with the blog. So, having declared myself completely mad, I have started another blog called honey and haribo.

The idea is that it is a fun and friendly platform for haribo and I to share our culinary capers, and maybe along the way reassure other young families that cooking with kids doesn’t have to be stressful (although it probably will get a bit messy).

We would love it if you stopped by (you are likely to find recipes on honey and haribo that don’t feature on eight potatoes) and, if you do, we hope you enjoy it; here is my first post. Comment away to your hearts content … Harry and I are always up for challenges and open to new ideas, so would love to hear from you and we promise that if you do get in touch (on either blog) we will always be in touch back!


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