Mint yoghurt (Takasāla dahī – टकसाल दही)

I know there are a lot of traditional Indian recipes for how to make a beautiful cooling accompaniment for spice-packed dishes, but I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint all my foodie-fans by telling you that I do not have a recipe as such for this. On-the-other-hand, you could argue that this is a recipe, just the simplest one you’ll ever see!

The ingredients:

Greek/natural yoghurt (Dahī / दही) – 250ml
Mint sauce – 3 teaspoons

The recipe:

  • Mix the two together!

I know that using mint sauce produces quite a sharp, vinegary accompaniment, but it is what I grew up with and I like it. I feel bad about putting such a ‘non-recipe’ up though, so I think I’m going to experiment on my next curry night – keep your eyes peeled!


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