Secret BBQ Marinade

I’m afraid I’m going to make you work a bit here; I’m not giving you the actual recipe. I’m also going to confuse you by telling you that the recipe is actually more than one recipe, and that we usually make it up slightly differently depending on what it is we’re barbecuing, and how many we’re cooking for. For example, there are certain ingredients we may use if we’re having pork and apple sausages; I don’t think it’s too hard for you to figure out what I’m talking about.

Just look at this as a chance to experiment safe in the knowledge that the ingredients do pretty much all work together anyway. You just need to try different quantities until you find the balance you like, start by adding a little of the ingredients you choose and add more as you see fit, remembering that sometimes less is more. Have fun and I hope you enjoy the results!

This marinade is intended to be used on meat.


The ingredients:

Tomato purèe
Garlic purèe
English mustard
Brown sugar
Worcestershire Sauce
Soy sauce
Apple juice
White wine

The recipe:

  •  I always add and combine the purèed/thicker ingredients first and then slowly incorporate the liquid ingredients so that you end up with a good texture. You want the texture to be like double cream so that it coats the meat. 
  • Place the meat in the marinade, ensuring it is all coated, and leave in the fridge for at least 30 minutes (as with most marinades, the longer you leave it, the better the end result).
  • BBQ the meat as normal, occasionally coating with extra marinade as you go. Remember though that, by this point, the marinade will be full of raw meat so you need to make sure you don’t coat the meat immediately before serving.


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