A word about cookers

Before 2010 I had only ever been used to cooking entirely with gas. Then, when Ben and I bought our new kitchen, we found it near on impossible to find an affordable gas oven at the large orange house and garden store from which we purchased the kitchen. Consequently, we now have a fan assisted electric oven and gas hobs. Although I knew that all ovens vary, it turns out that they aren’t just slightly different, but rather completely different!

As a result of not fully comprehending the extent of the individuality of an oven, everything I cooked in my new fan assisted oven turned out more than just a tad on the overdone side; that is until I couldn’t be bothered one day, so followed the instructions on a frozen pizza and noticed that there are separate cooking instructions depending on which type of oven you will be using (as you can tell, I’m not one for following instructions).

I’m making a point of telling you all this because then, if you follow any of the recipes from my site, you will know that I have written them based on using a fan assisted electric oven and gas hobs (unless they are other people’s recipes, when they’ll be as they have written them). So, if you have a different setup in your kitchen, you can use the conversion chart below to figure out what settings you need to apply and then, hopefully,  your food will be worthy of a picture in a recipe book, as opposed to charcoal encrusted like mine was for a while.

Oven Temp Conversion Guide

I found this chart on a blog I follow: thelittlestbakehouse.com, where you’ll find other nifty charts amongst a host of beautiful baked goods. 


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