Egg fried rice

According to Gok Wan in his Gok Cooks Chinese book, egg fried rice is the Chinese equivalent of bubble and squeak. Gok adds Chinese sausage, anchovies and all sorts to his, but I like to keep mine simple.

Serves 2

The ingredients:

Groundnut oil – a glug
Long grain rice – 150g
Eggs – 2 – beaten
Water chestnuts – ½ a small can – sliced
Frozen peas – 75g
Light soy sauce – 1½ tablespoons
Salt and white pepper
Sesame oil – 2 teaspoons

The recipe:

  • Cook your rice as per the instructions on the packet, and leave to cool.
  • Prepare all of your ingredients, as this is quick.
  • Heat your wok, and then your oil, and then add your eggs and scramble lightly (this will take all of 5 seconds as the eggs will bubble up as soon as they hit the hot oil).
  • Next add all the other ingredients except the sesame oil, and toss together.
  • As soon as the peas are cooked through you can turn the heat off and finish with the sesame oil.

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